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Brain Aging and Behavior Section (HNN-2A3)
Overview: The Brain Aging and Behavior section (1) conducts research to characterize the magnitude, rate, and regional pattern of age changes in brain structure and function in healthy aging; (2) investigates accelerated changes in brain structure and function that may be early markers of cognitive impairment and pathological aging; (3) examines genetic, neurobiological, and cultural influences on personality traits, and the links between personality and physical and mental health across the lifespan; (4) investigates factors that modify brain-behavior associations in aging, including factors that promote cognitive and affective resilience as well as those that increase risk for cognitive impairment and dementia.
Section Chief :
Staff Scientists:
Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • Jennifer Pacheco, Ph.D., Postdoc IRTA Fellow
  • Anna McCarrey, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow
  • Murat Bilgel, Visiting Fellow
Other Staff :
  • Vijay Venkatraman, Ph.D., Imaging Scientist
  • Anotonio Terracciano*, Ph.D., Guest Researcher
  • Tim Hohman*, MA, Special Volunteer
  • Josh Goh*, Ph.D., Guest Researcher
  • Yang An, MS, Research Scientist
  • Wendy Elkins, MS, Special Volunteer
  • Christopher Gonzalez, BS, Technical IRTA Fellow
  • Brieana Viscomi, BS, BA, Research Assistant
  • Ashley Lawrence, Special Volunteer

* Not Paid for by NIA

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Updated: Thursday August 29, 2013