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Brain Aging and Behavior Section (HNN-2A3)
Overview: The Brain Aging and Behavior section studies cognitive and brain aging in health and disease. Section investigators conduct longitudinal cognitive and neuroimaging studies (1) to characterize the magnitude, rate, and regional pattern of age changes in brain structure and function in healthy aging; (2) to investigate accelerated changes in brain structure and function that may be early markers of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease; (3) to track trajectories of biomarker changes that may provide insights into the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease during its preclinical (asymptomatic) stage; (4) to investigate factors that modify brain-behavior associations in aging, including factors that promote cognitive and affective resilience as well as those that increase risk for cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease; (5) to examine genetic, hormonal, and other neurobiological and cultural influences on individual differences in behavior, and the links between behavior and physical health across the lifespan.
Section Chief :
Staff Scientists:
Pre and Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • Anna McCarrey, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow
  • Claudia Wolf, Ph.D., Visiting Fellow
  • Murat Bilgel, B.S., Predoctoral Fellow
Other Staff :
  • Yongxia Zhou, Ph.D., Imaging Scientist
  • Wendy Elkins, M.S., Neuroimaging Project Manager
  • Jessica Helphrey, B.S., Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Antonio Terracciano*, Ph.D., Guest Researcher
  • Josh Goh*, Ph.D., Guest Researcher
  • Christopher Gonzalez, B.S., Special Volunteer
  • Paul Costa, Jr., Ph.D., Special Volunteer
  • Yu Peng, M.S., Research Collaborator

* Not Paid for by NIA

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Updated: Friday February 05, 2016