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Tamara B. Harris, M.D., M.S., Senior Investigator
Chief, Geriatric Epidemiology Section
Tamara B. Harris, M.D., M.S.Dr. Harris received her M.D. degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, New York in 1978. She trained in internal medicine at Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, New York and in geriatric medicine at Harvard University, Division on Aging, where she was a Kaiser Fellow in Geriatric Medicine. She also obtained a M.S. in Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health and has a M.S. in Human Nutrition from Columbia University College of Physician's and Surgeons. From Harvard, she joined the Office of Analysis and Epidemiology at the National Center for Health Statistics. Dr. Harris moved to the National Institute on Aging in 1991, where she is Chief of the Geriatric Epidemiology Section.

Research Interests: The role of the Geriatric Epidemiology Section is to integrate molecular and genetic epidemiology with interdisciplinary studies of functional outcomes, disease endpoints and mortality in older persons. This includes identification of novel risk factors and design of studies involving biomarkers, selected polymorphisms and exploration of gene/environment interactions. The Section has been particularly active in devising methods to integrate promising molecular or imaging techniques in ways that begin to explore the physiology underlying epidemiologic associations including adaptation of imaging protocols to epidemiologic studies.

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Laboratory of Epidemiology, Demography, and Biometry
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Updated: Saturday October 20, 2012